Jonah’s Restaurant

Jonah’s Restaurant in Whale Beach is one of Australia’s most luxurious ocean retreats. Whether you’ve checked into the hotel or are a visiting diner be sure to arrive before sunset to take in the restaurant’s view over the Pacific Ocean. The menu at Jonah’s is contemporary with quality, mostly seafood dishes executed with impressive technique.

$430 pp. (not including meals – Lunch will typically cost around $100 per person however the restaurant also offers specials from time to time) .

jonah's_restaurantJonah’s Restaurant is a 5-star restaurant situated on the cliffs overlooking Whale Beach. We will make the table reservation for your lunch and our flights usually depart late morning/early afternoon. This award-winning restaurant offers excellent contemporary Australian cuisine. Your stay at Jonah’s Restaurant is approximately 2 ½ hours. (Seaplanes are only able to land on the calm Pittwater side of the peninsula, so we will arrange your short road shuttle to and from the restaurant.)

Jonah’s Restaurant Seaplane Route:

Departing Rose Bay this stunning seaplane flight to Jonah’s Restaurant will travel via Manly to follow the famous Northern Beaches arriving in style on at our private Seaplane Base on Pittwater. Your return scenic flight concludes with a double orbit at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge completing a “five star” day out in beautiful Sydney.